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Hi, for my Shipping Confirmation email, I’d like to include a button for my customers so they can click and track their shipment. 


What is the correct merge tag to use with Shipbob so they can track their shipment?


Thank you!


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Hey @cbzhu,

Firstly, make sure your Klaviyo account is properly integrated with ShipBob. This integration should sync shipment status from ShipBob to Klaviyo, allowing you to use this data in your emails.

In your email template, you can include the merge tag for the tracking URL. Unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward merge tag provided out-of-the-box for this specific purpose. However, you can typically find the correct event variable by checking the event data that ShipBob sends to Klaviyo. This will often be under the event name such as "In Transit" or "Label Created" which includes the tracking number or URL.

To identify the correct merge tag:

  1. Trigger a shipping event from ShipBob.
  2. Go to your Klaviyo account and locate the event data for the shipping confirmation.
  3. Use the event variable (e.g., {{ event|lookup:'tracking_url' }}) in your email template.

Here’s an example of how it should look like:
<a href="{{ event|lookup:'tracking_url' }}">Track your shipment</a>

This should create a clickable button or link that your customers can use to track their orders directly.

If you run into issues with the ShipBob API not passing the correct data, you might need to explore using an integration tool like Zapier to ensure the tracking information is correctly passed to Klaviyo.

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Thanks for the help! How can I check what the event variable is? Since we don’t have any shipments yet, is there a way to check the event variable?

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Hey All - is there a way to add payment information into the shipping confirmation email? Specifically saying which credit card or form of payment they used. If they used a credit card then an example would be “Mastercard xxxxxxxx8273”. Thank you.