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  • 11 August 2022
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Hi, I was checking my catalog because when I create emails, I never see new products from my site. When I checked the catalog, it hasn’t synced since Sept 2021. I just resynced which didn’t help the problem and its no troubleshooting info on this problem, which I don’t understand because this seems like a normal issue to come across and I see a lot of people have had similar issues. 


I just need to know how to fix this? The few thing I came across said that my catalog (should) automatically sync from shopify… but thats not happening here. 


I wish klaviyo had more detailed articles about setting up the catalogs, problems, and custom catalogs and data feed stuff. 


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Hello @IndiaC,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I’d love to learn where you’re able to see the last time your catalog was synced between Shopify and Klaviyo. Since we don’t highlight this in our Klaviyo platform, I think it would be great to know where to find this information for future references!

The connection that Klaviyo and Shopify share should be keeping the catalog as up to date as possible since order, catalog, and customer data are shared in real time. Typically if this was not the case, it’s usually caused by a disruption between the two integrations. In my experience the most common cause to an integration error which would disrupt the connection is often times either an authentication error or a server (ecommerce) error. In either case, once the authentication issue has been resolved or the server error has passed, a catchup sync will oftentimes occur to get the data back in sync without losing any missed data. 

That said, authentication errors usually happen if unauthorized users on the Klaviyo account attempt to update the Shopify integration when they don’t have those permissions and/or the Shopify credentials or permissions were incorrect. I usually see this happen when users update their Shopify password or have access to multiple Shopify accounts and are logged into the incorrect one during the same session. Since it sounds like you’re able to resync the catalog without an error popping up, it sounds like it wasn’t caused by an authentication error. 

When you say you aren’t able to see new products from your site, have you actually gone ahead and published these new products within your Shopify catalog and ensured they are in stock? When you’re dynamically populating products from a feed through a product block, keep in mind that products that are out of stock will be omitted since they would be considered “not published” in Klaviyo. 

We actually offer several articles and resources pertaining to Custom Catalogs and Data Feed which I’ve included below along with several other ones that I believe may be helpful. And of course, you can also search and find a number of helpful Community posts that have previously helped other Community members better understand and troubleshoot their catalog issues. 

I hope this helps!