Shopify newsletter subscribers are not going into klaviyo newsletter list

  • 3 February 2021
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Hey guys,


I have tested subscribing multiple email addresses via the footer form on Shopify and the subscribed contact never syncs across to Klaviyo into the newsletter list...


The integration is set up to sync over subscribers.


The newsletter footer form includes the newsletter tag as a hidden field.


I’m not sure what i’m missing?


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4 replies

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@JonnyPryer Are you able to find the contacts in Klaviyo database and they just do not sync with the Newsletter list?

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I’ve answered a similar question already. Can you check and see if it helps:

If this thread doesn’t help, we can investigate further.

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Thank you very much! 


I managed to get it to work by turning off and on the double opt in feature… perhaps a coincidence?


Interestingly we now have another issue, if someone signs up via the Shopify newsletter footer form the double opt in is triggered via Shopify so we turned off the Klaviyo one.


However, we now want to use Klaviyo popups to also build our newsletter list so now these have no double opt in enabled. 


Do we therefore have to create a new marketing list and flow to ensure the popup subscribers via Klaviyo also get the double opt in process?

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The first option is to disable the Shopify double opt-in and enable the double opt-in in Klaviyo, so wherever the subscriber comes from he will go through 1 double opt-in process (from Klaviyo).

If you absolutely want to keep the double opt-in enabled in Shopify for the people who subscribes in the footer, and you also want to have a double opt-in enabled for people who subscribes through the Klaviyo pop-ups, you’ll have to place them in different lists and disable/enable the double opt-in for each list accordingly.