Shopify / ReCharge order data subscription vs one-time product

  • 7 December 2022
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Hey Everyone,


We use Shopify and have ReCharge as our subscription app. V2 of ReCharge uses the existing product for the subscription and one-time purchase, where as V1 ReCharge would create a copy of the one-time product and add “auto-renew” at the end. 

With V1 we have no issues as it’s easy to query or condition the product names.

Product A
Product A Auto Renew

With v2 this is an issue because there is no way to differentiate a one-time from a subscription.

Products A (includes both)

How can you tell if an order has a one-time vs subscription or query subscriptions products for a email block etc.

I’ve spoke to Klaviyo and Shopify. It seems the API ReCharge has from Shopify is limited. 

Please advise anyone?


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Hi @Jaime G and welcome to the Community!


Unfortunately, there is not way to differentiate between recurring revenue (i.e subscriptions) and a one-time order from Klaviyo’s side. This is because both types of orders are passed to Klaviyo via the same Shopify Placed Order metric, so Klaviyo only sees that there has been an order from Shopify. The Klaviyo/ReCharge V2 integration helps only in identifying an active customer on subscription, but the actual individual order/revenue events are passed through the same metric. 


The ability to filter out recurring subscriptions is a widely requested feature, and my colleague Alex has already submitted a product request after responding to this post:


The Klaviyo V2 Integration for Recharge is actually all built and handled by ReCharge themselves so if you haven’t seen it already, here’s ReCharge's Klaviyo V2 resource.


I hope this helps to clarify, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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What are you trying to do? Send specific emails to subscribers? 

I’m trying to think of there are any workarounds. Recharge will add customer tags and order tags to subscription customers. So you could make a segment of customers with the subscription customer tag for segmenting.

I would need to double check if order tags come through from Shopify to Klaviyo, if they did, that could be another potential solution. 

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I’d like to create a segment of active subscribers for a specific SKU. What’s the best way to do that?