Teachable Course Buyers -> Zapier -> Klaviyo Buyer Segment -> How?

  • 16 December 2021
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Looking for help with some integrations and automations. Hopefully someone has encountered something similar before. 


My client sells courses through teachable. 

I need to create a buyer segment in Klaviyo (Different tags for different courses) by using Zapier and connecting both platforms. 

What’s the best way to do that? 

It’s a bit unclear how to differentiate between course types in Zapier and Teachable. The trigger options are a bit confusing and I’m not sure which to use:

  1. New Sale triggers regardless if it’s paid or free, which is a problem, since I need these users in separate segments. 
  1. New Transaction triggers whenever someone pays, but if it’s a payment plan, it triggers again every time. Also not ideal. (Although if the action is “Update profile”, maybe it could work. 
  2. New Enrollement triggers when someone enrolls in a course. Same problem as with the sale, how do you differentiate between courses? 

Let’s say I figure out which trigger to use, how do I add them into a buyer segment on Klaviyo? 

  1. Find subscriber (What if it doesn’t exist?)
  2. Update subscriber (How to differentiate between courses? This would work if I could add a property with a specific name based on which course the user has access too) 

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Hi there @PaulZenymarketing,

Thanks for posting your question to the community and I hope I can provide some clarity on things!

To note at this time, we do not have a 1:1 integration available for Teachable, but we have a robust API that you are able to utilize in building custom integrations.
You can learn more about that here.
Unfortunately, Klaviyo does not have developers that can assist in building custom integrations but if you do not have your own developer, we do have a number of partner companies that you can work with that can assist with this request.  You can find our directory here to find a developer that best suits your needs. 
It also looks like Teachable offers an integration with Zapier, which we also have - this could be used to connect the two platforms: 
Zapier and Teachable
-  Klaviyo's Zapier Integration

In terms of defining the events/metrics shared to Klaviyo, I would suggest reaching out to Zapier/teachable for more info on this and how each of these metrics/events are defined and triggered. I would also ask someone on their teams to see if Zapier/Teachable has a way to amend a custom profile property when shared to Klaviyo. In the case that these customers are synced to Klaviyo, there could be a possibility we can simply use a segment such as "Whats someone has done X event at least once" to organize everyone. 

On your second point of update subscriber: this would once again depend on how the events are synced to Klaviyo. Similar to how we can create product specific flows, if the events were syncing with specific properties, we should be able to use flow filters or segmentation to target them.

I’d love to hear what Zapier/Teachable reports on this and work together with you and other community members who have had similar queries on this.