Trying to create a product feed

  • 13 March 2023
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Hi, hoping someone can help!


I’m trying to create a product feed. I’ve been going on:

create product feed > save product feed (as seen below)


But the save product feed button isn’t doing anything? 

I also tested the already made ‘SHOP_POPULAR_ALL_CATAGORIES’ (which I’m guessing klayvio creates automatically) and tried to change it but again nothing, the button doesn’t work.


Could someone please help me? I was wondering if its because I’m currently on the free plan but I can’t seem to find that info anywhere so not sure. 


My shopify store is definitely integrated as I can add products through the static option.


Thanks in advance!


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4 replies

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Thanks @acldn 

Just to confirm, when you go to Shopify Theme>Customise>Apps the Klaviyo App is togged on?

Just to ensure Klaviyo is receiving all the required data. 

It would also be worth trying to resync your product feed with Klaviyo. Here is a helpful article for you.

Resync Product Feed

Let me know how you go!


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Welcome @acldn to the Klaviyo community!

Thank you for your question.

At what stage is the Save is not working? is this post entering the name of your Product Feed?
If so a few points to remember is, when creating the name it can only consist of letters, numbers and underscores. Which means you can not use spaces in the name.

Having a Free account will not hinder your experience with creating a Product Feed.

I also note in your screenshot part of an error message. If you are still unable to add a new Product Feed, can you please share more details of the error message?

In the meantime, here is a link to some further information regarding Product Feeds here.


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Hi, thank you for your response. 


It is after I have entered the name of the product feed and I go to click ‘save product feed’ the button doesn’t do or change anything. The name i was entering was CUSTOMER_VIEWED so I’m assuming that is the correct format?

Where is the error message please? the one at the top is for tailwind if its that one you mean, not for klayvio.


Really not sure what to do!




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hi, thanks for your response. 


I checked the tog and it is on. 

I also re-synced all my products and its still not allowing me to create a product feed?