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  • 3 March 2023
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I want to use typeform to gather information about my users. 
The integration works fine of gathering leads and make custom-properties, but how can I make it so when I send a new typeform out the custom properties will update, and new will be created? 



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5 replies

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Hi @Fly By Day - can you clarify what you mean by “send a new typeform out” - do you mean just drop the Typeform link into a Klaviyo email and send the email out to your customers?


I think the only way to create custom properties for those Typeform fields in Klaviyo will be to do a first test submission of the form, and once that form submission syncs to Klaviyo, it generates the new custom properties automatically. Please let me know if I’m understanding your question properly though. 

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Thanks for the insights. 

I already have made the integration, and it works. What I want to do now is for my users to fill out new forms and update their custom properties and make new custom properties. 
When I test it and just type the same email in it does not update it. 


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Any way you could send a few screenshots or a short loom video, or even the link to the typeform? I want to take a closer look to see if I understand what you’re asking and if Klaviyo can support it.

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Here is the link to the typeform test:
Here is a link to the Klaviyo intergration.

My questions is how I can make a typeform and then sync the form fields with custom properties to current profiles in Klaviyo?

It already works as a simple signup form and it does create customer properties the first time when they sign up, but I can’t seem to make a new one and update the properties of current profiles.


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Hi @Fly By Day,

The Typeform integration will update a customers profile if that specific form is selected in the integration. In your screenshot I'm seeing you're syncing all the forms so this should not be an issue. 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have an email address in the form so Klaviyo knows how this person is. So if you don't have email address yet make sure it's in all forms. You can also add this as a hidden field.

Last thing, keep in mind that it sometimes takes up to a hour for the data to sync with Klaviyo.


Hope this helps!


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