Using an email survey to learn about customers

  • 12 January 2022
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Our goal is to learn more about our customers and then use this data to better communicate with them and target them with our emails and digital marketing.  We don’t have access to their purchase data.

I plan on surveying our email list, offering incentives to answer, and then use that data to segment our emails and inform our marketing decisions.

After some research, I think the best might be to use Typeform. It’s critical that the software we use be user-friendly, offer some analysis capabilities and integrate seamlessly with Klaviyo.

Has anyone done this and has learnings to share? Any alternate suggestions of survey software or process?

Thank you. 

2 replies

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Hi! I’ve done this with Typeform as well and had no issues. Commenting here to see if anyone has a better solution.

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TypeForm is my go-to as well, pricey but just so refined and customizable!

With clients, I’ve built some quizzes through TypeForm and through those responses/results the user landed on they drip into a dynamic follow-up sequences that fit their ‘result’.

Depending on those details as well, you could create some dynamic blocks in emails to appear if someone fits certain filters of the Quiz with a fallback for those who haven’t done it yet! Great way to drive CTOs as it just better fits that user’s interests.