Website tool that plays nice with Klaviyo?

  • 22 June 2021
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Klaviyo was recommended to me for it’s ease of use and easy-to-integrate web forms, site pop-ups, segments, triggers and flows, and I do find the system to be intuitive. I don’t have a traditional ecommerce shopping cart like Shopify, etc., but I was still excited to use Klaviyo and have spent some time setting things up.

BUT as I get close to implementation, I’ve learned that it doesn’t play nice with my Wix website. For example, I should be able to install the Klaviyo.js, then publish the Klaviyo form I built onto the Wix site, but it didn’t work, and a rep from Klaviyo is saying on this forum that it won’t work, and instead I should use a 3rd party form AND a 3rd party integration tool to get that form to talk to Klaviyo. 

I’m asking honestly, if that’s the case, then what’s the point of using Klaviyo?

Is this a Wix thing, or a larger issue with Klaviyo? I’m debating whether to abandon Klaviyo, or abandon Wix. But are there ANY WYSIWYG website building tools that do integrate easily with Klaviyo forms and pop-ups? Wordpress? Webflow? Squarespace? 


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Hi @QuakerWildcat,

I sent a follow-up reply to your question in the thread you linked. I recommend reviewing my reply there.

As an additional recommendation, Wordpress is a popular platform that our customers use, if you’re on WooCommerce (or decide to change to use WooCommerce) we have documentation for using the Klaviyo WooCommerce Wordpress plug-in here. You’ll be able to redirect existing sign-up forms to Klaviyo or  use a Klaviyo form to submit profiles to Klaviyo directly from Wordpress. This can be accomplished by taking the same steps you did for Wix.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.