Embedding Klayvio Signup Form in Wix Site




I’m having an issue following the documentation here to embed a form in the footer of my Wix site. 


I’ve successfully added the klayvio.js code snippet (and confirmed it works using an anchor-link targeted landing page as described here), but when I add the embed DIV code in an HTML widget it doesn’t display. 


Here’s the documentation from Wix on embedded HTML.


I’ve checked that the form is published, there’s no targeting restrictions, etc. I’ve also tested adding the form in both the footer and the body of the site. 


Any thoughts here? Thanks!


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Hi @Daniel Kadvany,


I hope you are having a nice weekend! Unfortunately, at this time, Klaviyo does not have a 1:1 integration with Wix.

I do have a few recommendations worth exploring:

  • Rather than using a Klaviyo embed signup form, you can build out a subscribe page in Klaviyo and explore adding that as a landing page in Wix. 
  • If you have the developer resources, leveraging Klaviyo’s subscribe API endpoint to route subscribers from Wix to a list in Klaviyo could work. If you do not have a developer, please feel free to reference our agency partner directory to find one that works for you.
  • Another workaround that I’ve heard about is leveraging a third party form platform such as You can connect Leadpages with Klaviyo through another tool called Zapier. Zapier has an app for Then you can use the landing page address and embed the landing page in the iframe. This way the third party platform such as leadpages is hosting the form, but then the API is pushing the data to Klaviyo. 

I will also submit a product enhancement request regarding this with our product team.


I hope this helps!




Thanks @julie.accardo -- I appreciate the comprehensive answer!


I also appreciate the comprehensive answer, but WOW -- it’s a pretty crappy answer. 

I am trying to do the same thing -- just embed a simple Klaviyo form on a simple Wix site. Your answer was to subscribe to TWO different 3rd party integrations, and you’re not even sure that would work. All just to collect an email address. 

It’s making me wonder if I should cut my losses and choose a different marketing automation provider before I go too far down the Klaviyo path…

I thought that

  1. I could just put a Klaviyo form in an iframe on a site like Wix. This seems like the most basic thing. Are you certain it can’t be done?
  2. I was trying to avoid having to implement Zapier. But you’re saying that won’t work either? I couldn’t use a Wix form, and use Zapier to get the data into Klaviyo?
  3. I’d like to use Klaviyo pop-ups on the Wix site as well. Can that be done at all, with or without multiple 3rd party integrations?
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Hi @QuakerWildcat,

  1. As a workaround to still use the iframe, you could also try to Embed a Full Subscribe Page on Your Website using a hosted/landing page, and then embed this landing page into the iframe in Wix.  
  2. The solution involving Zapier that @julie.accardo suggested will work
  3. It is possible to make a Klaviyo pop-up appear on a Wix site. This would involve installing our onsite javascript as a pre-requisite (as with any Klaviyo form). I can say from personal experience that customers have used Klaviyo pop-ups with Wix before, however, since we currently do not offer an integration with Wix; we do not have formal steps on troubleshooting if the pop-up is not immediately working after publishing the form aside from ensuring our onsite js is on the page. Other general issues to look at out for includes ensuring there is no other code overriding our sign-up form code and ensuring the code is present on the same page your setting the form to display on. Typically customers want to paste our onsite js in their main theme file.

I hope that is helpful. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


It is helpful. Thank you.

I am able to embed a full subscribe page in Wix. Unfortunately, Klaviyo doesn’t offer nearly the same level of customization on the subscribe page as it does on the subscribe form. Certain things are hard coded, and the required opt-in email has very little customization possible. Even the WYSIWYG editor for the subscribe page is inferior. Is that something that’s maybe coming soon? 

Hi all, we are having the same issue, and found this I also reached out to Wix customer service and they confirmed we should use PoCo. Hoping this helps all of you encountering the same issue.


Hi all, we are having the same issue, and found this I also reached out to Wix customer service and they confirmed we should use PoCo. Hoping this helps all of you encountering the same issue.

thanks for heads up on this @Winni.

Do you know if this only syncs the data once or is it a ‘real time’ sync function ie it happens immediately?


Has anyone had success with embedding sign up forms into Webflow? Or is that also not possible without a third party like Zapier?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kalviyo devs, is this integration with WIX planned for any time in the future? This is a really frustrating issue.

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Hi @MoonlightMaps,

Thank you for comment. I apologize for the frustration on this. 

We are currently in discussions with Wix on building out an integration with them. It is still in the early negotiation stages, but it’s possible that this could be available in Q3 of next year. In the meantime, I recommend using one of the workarounds outlined above.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a member of our community!