What is recommended for Klaviyo compatible Woocommerce Loyalty / Rewards Program?

  • 20 October 2021
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My store runs on WooCommerce and I want to add a loyalty/rewards option. What are some recommended plugins that integrates with Klaviyo and what are some suggestions or best practices for building flows/triggers around a loyalty/rewards program? 


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7 replies

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Hello @GoodVibes123,

Great question!

I would suggest taking a look through our Klaviyo Partner Integration directory. This directory consists of a number of marketing tools that have a direct integration with Klaviyo that were either built in-house or by the developers of the tool/app,

From my experience some popular loyalty and reward programs clients use with Klaviyo are Loyalty Lion,, and Yotpo. I would love to hear what other loyalty or reward programs other Community members use or any additional feedback or suggestions!

Have a great day!


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Hi community,

Is anything else come across in meantime what are you experience with the programs listed above any recommendation?

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Hi @David To, as far as I can see, Lion, and Yotpo don’t work with woocommerce for the loyalty program. I’m also searching for a tool that is compatible with Woocommerce and Klaviyo. 

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Hi @Tine!

While there isn’t a Klaviyo-recommended loyalty program for a Klaviyo <> WooCommerce integration, I am excited to see if any other Community members have suggestions for third-party programs.


Perhaps you could reach out to one of our Official Klaviyo Partners for further advising, if you’re interested!




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Actually is not for Woocommerce. Neither is Only is compatible with woocommerce but i would also like some more alternatives.

Yotpo offers a loyalty and referrals plugin specifically designed for WooCommerce. It provides features such as points-based rewards, referral programs, Eduk8u  and email marketing integration. Yotpo has a built-in integration with Klaviyo, allowing you to synchronize customer data and trigger targeted email campaigns based on loyalty program activities. 

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Hi Community,

In regards of loyalty programs I tested shopify app functionality and its very limited. Only highest billing plan give you option to create custom rewards. Second thing is that all marketing actions that you want to develop for rewards program members need to be setup manually ex. double points, limited time free rewards also there is no way of scheduling or limit the audience (beside program tiers).


So if anyone came across something interesting in area of loyalty program would like any reco.