What is the best app or procedure to do IN EMAIL REVIEWS?

  • 30 July 2022
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I was looking at Yotpo to integrate with klaviyo in order to 

1. Get reviews within the email and

2. to integrate with in order to give rewards for reviews. 

I am concerned about the complexity of using Yotpo w/ Klaviyo but maybe I shouldn’t be.  

If anyone has any thoughts or other apps that would work I would love to know more.



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 1 August 2022, 18:17

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Hi @curtis


Great question! Happy to see you’re investigating customer loyalty programs.


While we don't have a direct integration with Yotpo as it is one of our 3rd party integrations, many Klaviyo users utilize Yotpo and Smile for product reviews and points! If you choose to integrate with Yotpo, it will allow Klaviyo to pull review highlights into Klaviyo emails, and collects custom properties on profiles that can be used for segmenting on your end. If your Yotpo review is on a specific page on your website, you should be able  to link your Yotpo review to your Klaviyo email or if you have a direct link to your Yotpo review, then you can just hyperlink a button in your Klaviyo email like in the example below. You can read more about how you can utilize Yotpo data in Klaviyo from this Yotpo article.

However, I know there are some users who use Klaviyo to gather this info rather than other integrations. I’d recommend checking out these informative threads to understand other users’ experience with the integration to help answer any questions or concerns you might have. @sunny.delaney@roshamboshades@MikeH, have you all found the Yotpo integration to be worthwhile integrating with Klaviyo, would you recommend it to other users? Would love to hear your thoughts!



Finally, I’d suggest checking out this informative live training on all the benefits of integrating w a loyalty program to build customer relationships.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks Taylor! as always a great help.



Badge +1 is also worth looking at 👍🏻

When it comes to conducting in-email reviews, there are a few different approaches you can take, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are two common methods:

  1. Email Markup and Annotations: Many email clients and marketing platforms support email markup and annotations, allowing you to add comments and annotations directly within the email itself. This can be useful for providing feedback on specific sections or elements of the email. You can highlight text, draw shapes, or insert comments using the available markup tools. Some popular email marketing platforms, like Litmus and Email on Acid, offer built-in annotation features that streamline the review process.

  2. Collaboration and Feedback Tools: Alternatively, you can use collaboration and feedback tools that are specifically designed for reviewing and providing feedback on creative content, including emails. These tools often provide more advanced functionality, such as the ability to leave comments, track changes, and have threaded discussions. Some popular tools for collaborative email reviews include ProofHub, ReviewStudio, and Notism. These tools typically allow you to upload the email content, invite team members to review and provide feedback, and track the progress of the review process.