Why doesn't Klaviyo accept the Shopify tag from my custom Order metric?

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi all,


For my client I created a Shopify Flow. It triggers when a customer returns a product and adds the note ‘returned’. It then triggers an event in Klaviyo: ‘Returned Order by Shopify’. The event/metric is being created, but no event properties are being pushed through, making it rather useless. I would like to add the following properties: Item Image, Item Name, Item URL, Quantity, Price and the Cancel Reason. Does anyone know how to code this properly so the events are being pushed to Klaviyo. It would be most appreciated. The customer properties are empty, as we do not need these.



When I only add the following:

"Cancel Reason":"{{refund.order.cancelReason}}"


It does push through a property, but it’s empty..



If someone has knowledge of this and wants to give it a go:



"Cancel Reason":"{{order.cancelReason}}”,

"Item Image":"{% for refundLineItems_item in refund.refundLineItems %}


{% endfor %}",

"Item Name":"{% for refundLineItems_item in refund.refundLineItems %}


{% endfor %}",

"Item URL":"{% for refundLineItems_item in refund.refundLineItems %}


{% endfor %}",

"Quantity":"{% for refundLineItems_item in refund.refundLineItems %}


{% endfor %}",

"Price":"{% for refundLineItems_item in refund.refundLineItems %}


{% endfor %}"







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2 replies

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The strategy proposes here doesn’t do the trick either: 

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Hi @Karsvdv,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


Do you mind sharing why you’ve created a custom event through the Shopify Connector vs. using Shopify’s in-house metric of ‘Refunded Order’ to which you could attach a Shopify tag? Klaviyo intakes three different kinds of Shopify tags into Klaviyo:

  1. Shopify Tags - Tags applied to the customer profile in Shopify
  2. Order Tags - Applied to Shopify Orders (which could be used in your case)
  3. Product Tags - Applied to Shopify Products


Unfortunately, since this is a custom event you’ve created, neither Support nor Community can help troubleshoot here, however, it does seem like something is incorrect in the syntax or definition of the tag that I would investigate further. However, if you’re not able to discover the solution and still would like to use this custom vs. the in-house metric, I would reach out to one of our Klaviyo partners to help find a solution for you! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!