Why is my Facebook integration disabled?

  • 18 February 2021
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If your Facebook integration is disabled, two possible reasons are that:

  • There was an authorization error
  • An action was taken in Facebook that disrupted the integration

Regarding authorization, your integration will disable due to a permissions error if you update settings in your Facebook Ads account that cause our authentication token to get revoked (i.e. if you update account password). This can also happen if different users are manipulating audiences and these users don't have full admin permissions.

There are also certain actions you can take in Facebook that will disrupt the integration and cause it to disable. A common example is if you delete an audience in Facebook that we are actively trying to sync with. Our integration will disable if we attempt to sync with a deleted audience because we can’t determine why we can’t sync with the audience; we default to assuming there is a permissions issue and an authentication error is triggered.

If you see that your integration is disabled and you aren't sure why, the best thing to do is simply re-enable the integration in Klaviyo. If your integration repeatedly disables, consider the activity you or others with access to your Ads account might be taking that could disrupt the integration. If the disabled integration is due to something like a changed password in Facebook, you should remove and then re-add the integration in Klaviyo. Even if you’re not sure of the root cause, removing and re-adding the integration can also solve a variety of other permissions-related issues, so it is best to try this step. 

3 replies

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Thanks so much @Taylor Tarpley ! So, I disabled the integration and then enabled it again and nothing was deleted. 

I’m assuming to fix all errors, I should remove the integration and then add it again? 

Thank you!

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Hi @Nikki


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! 


Depending on the issues you’re having, removing and re-adding the integration can solve a myriad of problems. However, yes, when you remove the Facebook Integration, the connection between your Klaviyo Lists/Segments and your Facebook Custom Audiences is also removed and you will need to rebuild all the audiences you have currently. So, before completing the steps below, I'd recommend that you take note of the Custom Audience syncs you have set up, either via screenshot or by writing down the details of each sync, so that it's easier to reestablish the connections!


If you are still having issues with your integration being disabled, I would recommend reaching out to our awesome support team who will be able to investigate your integration issue further. 


Thank you for participation in the Community!


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Hello! Should I disable this integration and then re-integrate? That will deactivate all my audiences, correct?


So - I’d have to rebuild all the audiences and make sure the appropriate ad sets that are running are edited with the new Klaviyo integrated audiences?


Thanks for the help!