Why is my Magento integration not syncing?

  • 9 April 2021
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Earlier today we had a change on our team, and the person that was the “owner” of our Klaviyo account is no longer with our company. We had them removed from the account, but now we’re having issues with our Magento integration not synching. 

Could this be an issue with the credentials changing? Any insight would be appreciated. I did a chat with support and they couldn’t help, but did set up for tech support to email me. It’s getting close to the end of the week here, so would really like to get this resolved before the weekend. 




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2 replies

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Hi @Brian Gleason 

Thanks for writing in to the community, I’m happy to hop in here but perhaps other users might be able to chime in if they have had similar experiences.

I'm including our integration doc for you to review to ensure the integration settings are correct and you’re able to view your data. It’s possible if the owner of the Magento username for Klaviyo was removed that this could cause an issue with the integration/permissions from Magento. I would highly suggest reaching out to Magento support to ensure the same privileges are given to a new user in your store/account. You may need to create a new Klaviyo user in the Magento/Klaviyo Plug In but I would confirm this with Magento as well.

Considering that this might be more account specific, it would be best to continue working with our team to determine what other causes it could be.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks @marissanunez! I ended up discovering that our IT team had changed the password on the account we used for the Klaviyo integration. All of that panic Friday and it was simply a password change :grinning:

Thanks for responding!