Why is My Shopify Embed Form not Syncing Subscribers to a List?

  • 23 October 2021
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My Shopify website is new - so new that the actual store pages are not yet live, though other pages are. I have added a Klaviyo newsletter signup to my site using a snippet. It works fine but is clunky with the design. I’d rather use the signup form in the Shopify template, however the integration is not working! I followed directions without a hitch. It says that my site is integrated, yet any email addresses added via the template signup are added to profiles and do not show up in the newsletter list. (In fact I have to search to find the profile and the profile says that it accepts marketing) Is it because the snippet is still installed? I only have one store and one Klaviyo account. I have searched through the forum and I am seeing that this has happened to several people but have not found a resolution for a new store with a small newsletter that is just starting. 



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Hi @kerrib


So sorry to hear this experience has been frustrating for you! 


If you’ve followed all the steps as outlined above, I would recommend reaching out to a Klaviyo Partner to help you with this! Custom coding can be very difficult and just the slightest error can render it unsuccessful! 


Thanks for sharing with the Community! 


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Hey, I’m using broadcast too and have done every single one of these suggested things but not getting any syncing between the Shopify and my list. Am the meat in the sandwich as Klaviyo are saying its on Shopify and Shopify saying third party code so can’t support. #pullmyhairout.

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Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! Sorry to hear you’ve been having integration issues! Would love to help out with that! 


@Mailbox Manny gave a great response that sheds some light into the situation. Normally, if you have the integration synced correctly in the screenshot you gave us, information gathered from a Shopify form should carry over correctly into Klaviyo and be added to the correct list. However, if your Shopify store has a custom theme, not a default theme, then an additional step needs to be added to your embedded form to ensure that your subscribers are synced to the correct list. You would need to add the following hidden input tag  to your form's input group: 


 <input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"> 


Your form’s input group would be in your footer.liquid theme file in your Shopify theme. As this would require editing code and code can be very sensitive to error, I would recommend reaching out to your theme developer or a to a Klaviyo Partner to custom code this for you if you do not feel comfortable. 


Additionally, I’d ensure that you have checked to see if your List is set to Double Opt-In. A user signing up for a newsletter, but not confirming their email again could be another reason why their profile is in your account, but not in the proper List. 


Finally, I’d suggest checking out these two posts as they might shed further light on what’s happening here. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 


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Thank you for your response. The theme I am using is Broadcast. Can you be more specific about where I am supposed to add that code? According to Klaviyo, the integration was supposed to happen automatically as per their instructions. However when I use the newsletter signup in Broadcast, it only saves the email as a profile on Shopify, it does not send it to the newsletter list on Klaviyo. 

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Hey! The site looks great so far.  


What’s the code look like on the shopify form? Did you add this to it if it’s a 3rd party theme you’re using:


<input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter">


If you want me to take a closer look, send me a DM!