Why is my Zapier integration with Klaviyo not working?

  • 29 November 2020
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We are using Zapier to create an event in Klaviyo and initially it worked with the same setup and now it's not working . It just says the error 0 (Filure). Is there a way you can check in your system what went wrong, am I being blocked due to any security reason or is there a rate limit, or if there is something I am missing?


How can I find out more debug info on the exact cause of error?




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4 replies

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Hey, there.

Abby here from Klaviyo. If you contact our support team about this issue via the dropdown in the top-right of your account, we can look into this for you!

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Where is that? I clicked Support and I found this Community icon and ended up here.

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Check out the gif below!

From any main page within Klaviyo when you’re logged in, find the Support link in the top menu bar. You can use the form on the site (as shown in the gif) to contact Support.



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Hello @netzenrob


Happy to chime in here as well.


Zapier is a third party integration, so the connection was developed and supported on Zapier’s side. If you have not already, I would recommend reaching out to their helpdesk ( as well, as Zapier may have more visibility into the integration issue than Klaviyo does.