WooCommerce and Elementor

  • 27 September 2021
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Hi Folks, 

Are there any quirks or issues surrounding the integration of klaviyo with a site using WooCommerce and Elementor? It looks like Elemenntor doesn't have an integration with Klaviyo (which seems crazy).


Following Klaviyo’s docs on integrating with WooCommerce seems simple enough, I’m just curious if there are any issues people have experienced. Elementor has quite a nice form builder compared to Klaviyo so there are elements that could not be duplicated (at least without additional coding which I can’t do) in the case a client may want to keep a form that was built that way. I don’t see a way to get that info into Klaviyo (there is a 3rd party plugin but it seems a bit sketchy).

2 replies

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Thank you @Dov !

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Hi @wernstrom,

Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo community.

You are correct, at this time we do not have a native integration with Elementor. However, if you look at the post by @jonathansoe at the bottom of the following thread, he found a way to implement Elementor:

Alternatively, you can create a redirect from your Elementor forms using a Klaviyo re-direct URL. You can find instructions on how to do this from the Redirect Existing Signup Forms to Klaviyo article. Essentially, you would simply need to edit your existing form's Form Actions URL to be that of the list you want within Klaviyo. 

Additionally, other Klaviyo customers have been quite happy using convert pro as a viable alternative.

I hope that is helpful!