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  • 17 November 2020
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Hi there,


I’ve set up Klaviyo/Squarespace integration and I can see that the data is being sent by Zapier. Here is the Data Out response to a recent sign up:



A confirmation email was sent to since a double opt-in list was selected for this Zap step. Learn more at


However, out of the 6 email signups that I’ve had, only 1 has received the opt-in email.


Any ideas what’s going wrong?





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Hi @markjwarman - 
I just wanted to check in to see if this is still an issue you were seeing? I took a look at your website (the Lawrence field jacket is lovely by the way!) and tested the signup form for the interview download, and I received the confirmation to opt-in to the subscription. Is this not the work flow you are expecting? It’s possible that, if you have not properly warmed your sending infrastructure, your double opt in email could be missing the main inbox. 

Hope this helps, but keep us posted if this is still an issue! 

Hey Cass,


Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, I’m still not getting the opt-in emails. The weird thing is that it’s worked for you and it worked the first time I tried it but although I can see the zaps have fired correctly in the task history, I’m not getting the opt-in emails.


The response from Zapier is that this is a known bug with Klaviyo. Do you have any insight into that? This was their email:


“Checking our internal correspondence with Klaviyo, I can see that we have a Bug report opened called "Add Subscriber action doesn't send confirmation/double opt-in email" which matches your issue.

They have not provided an ETA however I have added your email address to the report so if there is an update or fix we will contact you immediately.”


I updated the DNS to include the Klaviyo details but since I’m right at the beginning of building my email list for this business, I don’t have any emails to send out to warm up the infrastructure. Although, I’ve checked spam/promotional folders and there’s nothing there either so it doesn’t look like that’s the problem.


Any other suggestions?! I don’t want to start promoting the website until I get this sorted as it’ll be a missed opportunity.


Many thanks :)


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Hi @markjwarman

Thanks for shedding some additional light on this! I dug a little bit more on this Zapier <> Klaviyo issue and found that there are some instances where this is happening to accounts. Very strange that it worked for me though! I recorded this, and my troubleshoot findings, to my team and will follow up with you on what we would recommend as a next step. 


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@markjwarman an account won't receive a second double opt-in if i'm right. 

@cassy.lee Also had a client which did not receive a double opt-in. Would be great if the sent double opt-in email would also be added to a profile so we can at least see if this has been sent and when!


Thanks @cassy.lee - is there any sort of timeline based on experience? Just trying to figure out if I need to find another solution so that I can launch the site.


@Omar - Sorry, I don’t get what you mean. Not sure if I’m missing something but only one of the six different email addresses I’ve used (plus @cassy.lee’s one now) have received a double opt in. I’ve used different email addresses to test each time rather than trying the same one multiple times if that’s what you mean? 

Hey @cassy.lee - I’ve just upgraded to a paid plan so that I can change the process to single opt-in as per Zapier’s recommendation but under settings I don’t seem to have the option to make that change. Can you help please? I’m getting sign ups into Zapier but nothing’s coming into my Klaviyo account. Thanks!

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Hi @markjwarman sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I wanted to check in with my team about your account before I responded back because of the irregularity of the subscription emails (another colleague also tested and got the subscription form, so I wanted to look into it). From what I understand, Zapier isn’t sending over data of your subscribers to the appropriate Klaviyo due to how our Subscriptions API endpoint handles list bombing. A large number of subscriptions from an IP address looks suspicious to Klaviyo's system, so they end up being blocked. For most 3rd party integrations, Klaviyo works with the 3rd party platform to verify and "whitelist" subscribers coming from their platforms. Zapier, however, doesn't have any list-bombing protections in place, so our list-bombing protections end up blocking their IPs.

Since you have enabled single opt-in for your account, I made sure our Compliance team has reviewed your request and you should now have access to it. I sent specific instructions for this to your email, but just in case you see this comment first, you can go to Lists and Segments > My List > Settings 

Just as another reminder, with Single Opt-In, it is important to take extra precaution with lists set to single opt-in, as there is no way to prevent list bombing or mis-typed emails being added. We highly recommend regularly cleaning your lists to prevent potential deliverability issues.

Thanks so much and again, I’m sorry for the delay in getting the right response to you. Thanks for being a part of our Community and for reaching out, 

Hi Cass,

Just checking in again. I’m finding the Squarespace/Zapier/Klaviyo set up to be really spotty. I’ve just set up a campaign and out of 12 people who signed up, only 8 have gotten through to Klaviyo. Their details are in Zapier and I can manually add them but that kind of defeats the purpose! Can I ask someone to help me out please?




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Hi @markjwarman

I’ll check back with the Klaviyo team to see if they have any updates or feedback re: the Zapier integration. I know that a big part of it had to do with the fact that Zapier doesn't have any list-bombing protections in place, so our list-bombing protections end up blocking their IPs. I’ll follow up to see if there’s either an update or an alternative solution. 

Thanks for reaching back out on this and for letting me know.