Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Provide best-in-class customer support with Zendesk and Klaviyo SMS

  • 3 August 2022
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Thanks for attending our live training on the newly-improved Klaviyo Zendesk integration, focusing on the new functionality to sync SMS conversations to Zendesk and streamline your customer support channels. In this session, we cover:

  • the current SMS landscape
  • the newly-enhanced Zendesk integration
  • SMS customers support in-action

While this training is not an in-depth guided tutorial of how to set up the integration, we have plenty of additional resources to help get started. See below for recommended resources and guides:

Questions? Want to share ideas? Thread your comments and questions below, or create your own Community post to get timely responses from expert Klaviyo users. 

3 replies

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I have one question regarding SMS credits on the klaviyo plan. I read something about messages send from Zendesk count toward the SMS billing plan. So that means, I’ll need 1 credit to send a response to a message from zendesk to a US number? 

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Hey @Grace Geraldo - that is correct! After you integrate Klaviyo with Zendesk and start responding to SMS messages from the Zendesk console, the messages are actually sent through Klaviyo’s send/receive network (meaning it uses Klaviyo’s sending infrastructure to do this). That means the same Klaviyo SMS sending credit rules apply to messages sent from Zendesk (or Gorgias if you use that integration). You can learn more about SMS sending credits and pricing per message here:

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Thanks for the info! @jennifer.brisebois