Abandoned Cart Segment for Popups

  • 9 October 2022
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I want to create an Abandoned Cart Segment, so that I can trigger a popup with a coupon code if the user abandons the shopping cart. I’ve attached my flow. Can anyone make any suggestions or check to see if this makes sense?

  • I’m also very curious as to the Started Checkout API vs the Started Checkout Shopify. Which one Is better?




Best answer by David To 11 October 2022, 17:07

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Hey @jmacman,

Without seeing how your account is fully setup, it would be hard to provide too much suggestions. However, one additional aspect I would advise incorporate into your segment would be a rule to evaluate if users have triggered the Placed Order event. As your segment stands, users who have abandoned their cart and triggered a Started Checkout event and Placed an order would still receive the popup. 

To answer your question regarding which one is better, a Started Checkout API event versus the Shopify Started Checkout event, in my experience, one wouldn’t be better than the other. Both of these events would be signifying they are different events. Oftentimes when you have an API Started Checkout event in your account, this means that you’ve connected some additional third-party tool or app that passes their own event to Klaviyo. Determining which API or Shopify event to use would be dependent on how you use and setup your account along with your goals. I’ve seen some accounts strictly use one or the other and then I’ve also seen ones that use a mix of the two.