About Segmenting Your Triggers For Flows

  • 21 April 2023
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Good afternoon!

I was mapping out a flow for my business and I was wondering if you can segment your triggers so that emails and sms only get sent to people who have looked at a specific product? For example, I have two products on my website and I’m setting up an abandoned cart flow. How can I make sure that the emails/texts sent out are sent out based on the product that they viewed? If they didn’t view product 2, I don’t want them to get promotions on product 2, because they looked at product 1 if that makes sense.


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Hey there @Mayabyanymeans!

There are a couple of layers here! If it is an abandoned cart flow, you could make these follow-up emails either dynamic (where the item they have in cart is dynamically inserted into the email) OR you could do a trigger filter to check the item name if you wanted a really targeted follow-up series of emails on a single product. 

In your question, you mentioned view history though - do you currently have the ‘Viewed Product’ metric coming into your Klaviyo account? If so, in your flow you can put in a conditional split and place in filter conditions like this:

It could then check if someone has never viewed product #1 - if Yes (never viewed it), then they can get the follow-up you’d like to have for your 1st featured product.

But the safest way would be option 1 where you are dynamically inserting the product they abandoned! Here are some details on adding those variables into your messages: 

You can also use Klaviyo’s pre-made abandoned cart flow to have these dynamic elements pre-plugged into the messages.