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  • 11 June 2021
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My account shows 18,620 subscribers but my plan is only for 10,500. Does this mean that I can only send to up to the 10,500 and I am not contacting the addtional at all, or are my mails going to various subscribers out of the total number?

Or do I need to upgrade to mail the total number of subscribers?

Hope this makes sense?



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Hello @Funky2021,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Yes, you can only send up to the maximum amount of active profiles that your plan calls for. We encourage all of our customers to first list clean (essentially “scrub”, what we call suppress, your account of any inactive users) that will bring your total active profile count down. Then, adjust your plan accordingly so you can reach the remaining active subscriber count. Depending on the number of profiles that are “cleaned” from your account, you may not have to upgrade to a much larger plan or you may not have to upgrade at all to reach the new active subscriber count.

There is a great previous post on this topic as well, providing further context, attaching that below

I am also attaching a previous thread talking about list-cleaning best practices

You can also find more information on active/suppressed (inactive) profiles here and here.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.