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  • 25 August 2022
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Hi all,


I’m very new to Klaviyo and tying to learn lists and segments. We have imported customer data into Klaviyo and I have a certain number of active profiles showing but they aren’t all in the main segment list. I can’t work out how to get them all showing in a master/main list so I can then start segmenting them. I thought I might be able to export the active profiles via a CSV so I could then upload them into a master/main list but this doesn’t appear anywhere as an option.


Any help anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey @Tabetha Cushway 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thank you for coming in to ask about your active profiles that aren’t in your main list.

It is expected that the number of Active Profiles in your Klaviyo account will not match the number of subscribers in your main List. This may be because not all profiles in your Klaviyo account have explicitly subscribed to your marketing List.  
For example, Klaviyo creates a profile for any customer who has ever placed an order within your integrated eCommerce store. Klaviyo also creates a profile for any visitor that is cookied on your connected website. Klaviyo cookies visitors who have:

  • Been identified via a Javascript Identify API request (through Klaviyo's Identify API)
  • Submitted to a Klaviyo Signup Form (or an integrated Signup Form depending on the integration)
  • Clicked into your site from a Klaviyo email
  • Added  ? to the URL

Unless you specify otherwise, automated Flows (such as any Abandoned Cart Flow and Browse Abandonment Flow) will be sent to any active profile that performed the triggering event (i.e. Started Checkout or Viewed Product). Campaign emails will be sent to whatever audience(s) you define that have subscribed to your marketing. 

 If you want to see all of the profiles that currently exist within your account that have consented to your marketing, you can do so by creating a Segment with the following definition:

You can also read more about how people get synced to your account here. Hope this helps, and thank you again for being part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Where can i look to see a complete list of manual uploads of emails in Klaviyo reporting?