Active Profile: What Exactly Are These

  • 25 July 2023
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I have questions about Klaviyo's Active Profiles for my Woocommerce integration.


1. Is an Active Profile just someone who visits my site and Klaviyo starts tracking?

2. Is it someone who receives an Abandon Cart or Browse Abandonment email or something else?

3. Or exactly what is it?


In plan I noticed that I am over my Active Profile limit (2,758 of 2,500 active profiles).


4. What happens when I exceed my plan limit?

- Will new or old Active Profile not be emailed?

- If I am within my email count limits will all Active Profiles be emailed?

- How exactly does Klaviyo determine which Active Profiles to email or not email?


5. What are the advantages of Suppressing Active Profiles instead of deleting them? Is it just historical value?


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Hello @Legedary Canine,

Welcome back to the Klaviyo Community!

If you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at our Understanding active email profiles in Klaviyo Help Center article. In essence, an active profile is anyone who has subscribed to your newsletters and/or added through general engagement. 

In terms of exceeding your profile limit for your plan, there really isn’t too much of a concern. This just means you can’t exceed your plan’s profile limit within a single campaign outreach. In theory, if you want, you can reach out to all your active profiles within your supported plan limit. However, this is highly ill-advised as active profiles are a combination of both subscribers and users with implied consent

It’s much more recommended to suppress profiles rather than deleting them to retain their suppression status. This means that if you delete the profile, you would not only lose their historic data, but you would also be deleting their consent status as well. This is further explained in the Keeping vs. deleting suppressed profiles section of our Understanding suppressed email profiles Help Center article. 

I hope this helps!





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Hi @Legedary Canine,

Just to clarity, I might understand why it can seem confusing. You also have the active on site tracking option but this does not have any relation to the active profiles.


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