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  • 2 February 2022
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Hi there,

We have an existing account and our company (we’ll call it domain A) has acquired a content creator (domain B) in a related field. We want to start a newsletter for Domain B within our existing account, and I have some questions in order to make sure we get this set up correctly from the beginning. First some background:

  • The newsletter will link to articles published on Domain B’s website
  • The newsletter will occasionally feature Shopify product feeds from Domain A’s website
  • We’ll need subscribe forms on Domain A’s website
  • Eventually, Domain B will be completely absorbed by Domain A and no longer exist as a separate website
  • Domain B does not currently have a newsletter or even an email list

The questions:

  • Can we set up the new list for Domain B’s newsletter in Domain A’s account and use a ‘From’ address like
  • Can we segregate the lists so that unsubscribing from one, does not unsubscribe from the other? It’s our assumption that there will be people who want the editorial newsletter and not the marketing newsletter or vice versa.
  • IF we set up the list in Domain A’s KL account, can we place subscribe forms on Domain B’s website?

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Hello @Don,

Interesting case you have here!

This would really hinge on if this Domain B that you’ve acquired is a subdomain of your company (Domain A). Assuming it isn’t, then you’ll actually want to create a separate Klaviyo account for Domain B and later, inform those subscribers of Domain B to resubscribe to your Domain A’s newsletters. 

To put it simply, buying or acquiring a new brand does not mean purchasing or acquiring the consent of those existing brand users/subscribers.

From my experience, it’s typically best practice to reach out to these existing subscribers of Domain B informing them of the acquisition and offering them the opportunity to either unsubscribe or remain on the marketing list. In the event of a rebrand where one brand will be fully absorbed by another, it is best practice to inform the existing subscribers of the situation and requesting they resubscribe to their new parent brand’s marketing list to reacquire consent. 

When building out a new Klaviyo account for Domain B, if Domain B does in fact have a different domain than Domain A, then it would be highly ill advised to set up the From address as This is because since the business/company name of Domain B does not match the From address of the emails; inbox providers will be highly suspect of this and call this discrepancy out as potential spam. 

As for your last two question, it would not be advised to be running lists for Domain B within your Domain A. Because these two brands have separate domains, this would constitute as list sharing which would be against our Klaviyo’s Terms of Service on top of the deliverability issue mentioned in the previous point of inbox providers finding this suspect. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi David,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I still have some questions based on them:

  1. Domain B does not yet have a list because they’ve never emailed, so there would be no acquisition of email addresses involved. Unless of course you are referring to the future when they do start building a list
  2. As to your point about domain mismatch, consider the following example: “Joe’s coffee gadget review” is acquired by Starbucks. Starbucks wants to start sending a newsletter with Joe’s reviews. Would it be a mistake for the From address to be
  3. Regarding list sharing, we would not ever take email addresses from on domain and send to the other unless a person explicitly subscribed to the list

Does any of that change your thinking on how to proceed?



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Hey @Don,

  1. I was referring to once you have built out a marketing list for Domain B and the best practice to reacquire those contacts once Domain B is fully absorbed by Domain A. 
  2. Yes, despite Starbucks acquiring Joe’s coffee gadget review, it would be a mistake to be sending emails out from Joe’s coffee gadget review with a From address of As mentioned prior, this is due to the domains of these two brands not matching. Although Joe’s coffee gadget review has been acquired, its sending domain/from address domain should still align with the brand. 

With the further details, I would still stand by my suggestions previously mentioned. I’m also aware that a number of our Klaviyo Partners have some experience in rebranding and brand acquisitions that I would suggest reaching out to for further assistance if you required more hands on help in creating and implementing a strategy. You can narrow down Partners who specialize in this by filtering for Brand Development & Design under the Development & Design dropdown menu in our Klaviyo Partner Directory