Adding Email Users to a List via Quick Add

  • 12 August 2023
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I am going to Quick Add at the top of my Newsletter list, adding email address, and name and clicking Add Subscriber and nothing happens.  What am  I missing?



Best answer by Kylie W 13 August 2023, 22:21

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3 replies

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Hi @LindseyM 

Thank you for your question in the Klaviyo Community 😊

I have just tested this on my account and only using email address and name and was able to successfully add a new subscriber to an existing list. I tired an existing profile and new profile.

Once you click on Add Subscriber, do you get any messages at the top of your screen? Admittedly it is tiny, but should be there.

Also, if you check this subscribers profile is the list assigned to them?

If all else fails, I would suggest logging out and back in again, just to be sure.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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@Kylie W provided a great answer, and I just one to add one thing. People can be added to a list only once so I would suggest checking if the email you are tying to add to the list is maybe already in that list and that is why you can’t add it again..


I just want to post quick that a lot of times when I copy and paste an email address, if there is a space at the end, it will fail to add. Just remove that space, in case that is your issue.