After Creating A Custom Unsubscribe Page How Do I Create Segments For People Who Have Selected Their New Propertes?

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Hey so I just went through Klaviyo’s how to create a custom unsubscribe page—bums me out that it’s only possible knowing how to code.


Anyway, I just tried to make a segment for people who want to change their preferences to only hearing from us 2x a week, 1x a week, 1x a month. I am assuming because I just created the Custom Unsubscribe page, and there is no one with the properties yet, I cannot actually go ahead and create the segments? Is that so?

Thanks so much for your help!


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If you created the options correctly all the options will give you certain properties. Later you can use those properties to create segments. So lets say someone selects 2x and update their profile, they will get certain property to their profile that later you can use to create segment. But this is assuming you created the page properly and it is adding properties when people pick different choices.

You can test this with your own email, add your own information and pick different options and see If or What properties will be added to your profile in klaviyo once you confirm the choices on your new page. That way if it works you will see what properties are created from which option and you can use them to create the segments.

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Hey @Vbeebs 

Thanks for asking the Klaviyo Community for help with creating your segments. @Bobi N. is 100% right. You can also check out this community post that talks about how to get these properties into the drop down menu in the segment builder. 

Hope this helps!