Automatic Email Frequency Preferences Feature Request

  • 14 September 2021
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I’ve found it to be difficult to allow my subscribers to update their email frequency preferences, rather than opt out because its a heavy lift on our end rather than something that happens automatically from Klaviyo. I’d be nice for preferences to happen automatically rather than having to create segments and ‘exclude’ them from every campaign and flow created.

An amazing feature would be automatic email frequency preferences - essentially how its currently done with unsubscribes, when a profile chooses to unsubscribe from emails then Klaviyo automatically suppresses that profile - it would be great if theres an option to allow profiles to choose getting weekly, bi weekly, or monthly emails instead and Klaviyo would essentially 'suppress' them for that given time and then make them active again once that time period is up automatically. 

3 replies

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Hi @kayleighposs


Welcome to the Community and thanks for your thoughtful input! It is so important to hear the thoughts and pain points from our customers so we can improve your experience! 


When allowing customers to share their Email Frequency Preference , it helps you as a business owner know exactly when the customer wants to hear from you. This helps prevent email exhaustion on the part of the customer and deliverability rates as the customer is more inclined to open emails then go to spam. However, it isn’t automatic as you mention, once learning these preferences, you need to create segments and either manually include or exclude these segmented customers in email sends. I agree, this would be a fantastic feature and is a limitation to a great feature. 


I will submit this as a Feature Request and let you know if there is any update in this area!




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I too would like this feature, any updates?

In the meantime, I followed the Klaviyo guide here ( and created my Weekly and Monthly segments.


When someone attempts to unsubscribe, I offer them the ability to set their frequency preference instead (weekly, monthly). When this is done, it updates their profile.


Currently, when I go to send a campaign I would exclude the appropriate segment based on when I last sent a campaign. I am trying to automate this further by adding to the defitinition:


Weekly Segment - only include those who have received 0 emails in the past 7 days.


My question is: does this include ‘any’ type of email. I may not have sent a campaign in 7 days, but no doubt they would have received emails from my Flows such as abanonded basket, order receieved emails etc. All likely within the past 7 days.

  • Is there a way to say “Received 0 campaign emails in the past 7 days”
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Hi @JordanC26,

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any further updates on that particular feature at this time.

Yes, that segment definition would include every type of email. If you want to make it more granular to only include users who have received campaign email(s), you would use the “Add Filter” option, select Campaign Name and select the names of the campaigns you’re looking to exclude separated by “OR” criteria.

I recommend creating this as a separate segment. You’ll actually want the segment to capture anyone who has received one of your campaigns sent in the last 7 days because you’re adding this segment to the “excludes” section of the campaign. That’s telling the campaign to exclude these people who have received a campaign in the last 7 days, whether that’s campaign A OR campaign B Or campaign C etc. Here’s an example of what that would look like using two campaigns. In theory you can extend the list to as many campaigns as you’d like:

I hope that’s helpful.