Avoid triggering cancellation emails as one-offs

  • 5 October 2023
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Hi all!

We’ve removed all transactionals from Shopify and have them in Klaviyo now which is 99% great. The 1% is when we want to manually cancel or place an order without notifying the customer (rare but it does happen). Shopify has a “do not notify customer” checkbox in the order flow but, with those emails now being in Klaviyo, that checkbox won’t keep Klaviyo from sending the emails (or will it??). Is there a way to keep Klaviyo from sending a transactional email but as a one-off circumstance? 


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1 reply

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Hi @valgeisler 


Thank you for your question and am so happy to hear you are using Klaviyo for transactional emails and they are going well 😊

For your situation where you don’t want a email sent to the customer, in the Email Flow you are using, you could add an additional Trigger where you say don’t send this email to customers who have the Shopify Tag of XXX.
And when you are creating this one-off orders in Shopify ensure you add this tag to the order. 

This should then exclude these orders from being included in the flow.

I hope this helps!