Best approach for cleaning list?

  • 30 April 2021
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Hi There!

I want to clean my list, but I don’t know which one is the best approach.

First, I have created a segment of the people that didn’t open any of my e-mails in the last 6 months, in which I put the tag “limbo”.

Then, I created another segment with the same structure, but now within the last 45 days (with the same tag). For this segment, I created a flow to send two emails. If the person doesn’t open, I want to put a “Limbo” tag on her. If she opens any of them, I want her to remain active.

I don’t want to “suppress” these profiles, because I want to try some re-engagement in the future.

So, what is the best way to segment these “inactive” profiles?
Should I just exclude the “people that didn’t open any email in the last 45 days” from my campaigns? If she opens any one of the two emails, Will she be removed from that list?

Should I create a flow and if she doesn't open anything, I create a “property” Limbo? This will be a problem if the same person goes in this flow 2 times? (Like, creating the property twice?)

I appreciate it if anyone could give me some tips about this!

Thank you, very much


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Hey @Jjhayi 


Thanks for sharing your list cleaning ideas with the community! There’s actually a great article flow about the sunset flow in the help center. In the article it goes through how to actually identify who is unengaged, how to format the emails, and also how to set up tags for people who don’t open or click any of the emails. You can use the pre-built flow in the library that includes flow filters that kick people out of the flow if they open or click any emails.


It talks about creating a suppression list with the “suppressed” tag at the end of the flow. You could replace this with your “limbo” tag so it fits your workflow. Then instead of suppressing this segment, you could exclude this segment from your campaigns. You could then also exclude anyone with the “limbo” tag from your other flows. Eventually you could run a re-engagement campaign on those profiles marked limbo. 


I hope this helps!