Best CRM when working with Klaviyo?

  • 20 April 2022
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Hi, we have a direct to consumer business which is great as the customer data flows in from woocommerce to klaviyo. However we also use klaviyo for our B2C email broadcasts.

We receive our wholesale orders via three methods:

  1. Some of our wholesale customers order via our webiste (woocommerce) so their data flows into Klaviyo this way - these are easy.
  2. Some wholesale customers place orders direclty with us via email so their order data does not flow into klaviyo.
  3. Some wholesale customers place orders through distributors - we have some but not all of their email addresses. Some of these larger customers (with 20 or 30 stores) seem to have a block on klayiyo emails arriving in their inboxes as I have tested subsets and had no deliveries so I revert to contacting them directly via email anyway!

Would love to hear suggestions on best practice around keeping our B2C database updated. (2) and (3) require manual updating which gets confusing.

Are you using Klaviyo as a crm for your key customer data? At present I have contact details for wholesale customers scattered through xero, our inventory system, klaviyo and outlook!




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Hi @hayleyfm,

Thanks for sharing this with our community.

In order to help consolidate your customers, I’d consider collecting the emails addresses from the second subgroup of people and sending them a campaign email to direct them towards your website for future orders. That way, you can easily collect their purchase data via your WooCommerce integration. And that information in turn will be relayed to Klaviyo. The same theory would apply to the third subgroup.

With respect to no deliveries, there could be a number of reasons behind this. A few of the more common reasons include the email ending up somewhere other than the primary inbox folder (so it is delivered, but lost amongst the shuffle). We recommend including a note in your sign-up forms to prompt users to check their spam/junk and promotions folders in case your email ended up there. You may also be able to work with Woo to have this note included on your checkout page. You should also check out the potential skip reasons for a Klaviyo email (more reasons here). These would cover the majority of reasons why an email wouldn’t be delivered. We have an entire section in the community dedicated to deliverability here. If you find yourself still scratching your head, you can also always shoot our support team an email if you’d like further insight into Klaviyo email deliverability.

I realize this next method is a manual one, but you also have the ability to upload event data about individuals directly to Klaviyo if you need to (i.e. who placed an order), you can find our guide on this here. If you’re tech savvy, or work with a developer, you can send Klaviyo information about recipient orders using the Track API. We have another section in the community entirely dedicated to developers and the Klaviyo API here.

The key here is automation and consolidation, both of which can be achieved by leveraging Klaviyo to amalgamate your audiences. If you’re having trouble with deliverability, have a look at the articles I included and also our help center more broadly, the community or reach out to support. The majority of our customers will do their best to consolidate as much as possible in Klaviyo as they can to keep all of their customer interactions streamlined.

I hope that’s a helpful start!