Best Practices for Multiple SMS Groups

  • 30 September 2022
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Hello everyone!  I have a quick question.  I just joined Klaviyo, and I plan on using it exclusively for SMS messaging.  My question is...we plan on having two different “keywords” that people can use to signup depending on the kind of content they are interested in.  Some people might want both.  Is it best practice to have two different subscriber lists in this case, or a single “SMS Subscriber” list and then use custom properties to target the two groups using segments?


Thanks for any direction you can give!  I obviously want to start in the right direction.


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3 replies

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Hi there @JMInk


Welcome to the Community! Interesting question, I think there are a couple ways to do this!

If you wanted to have three lists and  use different keywords to sign up to a different list that is particular to the content they want to to hear about, you would hypothetically create one keyword for list A, B, & C (which is a combo of both content a and b). While we typically advise having one main list for account hygiene, there might be some wiggle room as you’re only looking to use your account for SMS. We have really insightful documentation on how to set up your flows according to what keyword a user sent. You will then know what a user is interested in based on the keyword, and therefore, list they are located in. Later on, you might need to create a separate SMS welcome flows for each list however as you cannot feed three lists into one flow.

However, if you want to have one main list, you could also use three different keywords to signify what content your users are interested in and have them all be added to one list. Differently,  you would only need to have one SMS welcome flow connected to your main list after your users subscribe. So there’s definitely a lot less work with just maintaining one list. However, I don’t know if there is an obvious ‘best’ path forward, but more considering what your time limitations and business goals might be. 


I wonder if any of our Champions, have any advice on what the best use case might be or have experience with this kind of scenario? @Omar @Bobi N. @Spark Bridge Digital LLC 


Finally, I’d advise investigating our inclusive Help Center documentation on Getting Started with SMS and MMS for the first timeSMS strategy certification Academy course, and these additional Community threads next to set you up for SMS success!


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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Thanks for the input!  I’m really liking the Klaviyo flow tool.  Very powerful!


My approach will be to have one list, and set a flag on the users profile indicating which lists they are part of.  Thanks for your suggestion!

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After looking into this more, I do have a question.  When someone unsubscribes, the properties will remain set on the profile.  Is there a way to remove them, or change them, during an unsubscribe?  I know I can filter the list/segment for people who have given consent, but it would be nice to have these values clean.  Thanks again...Mike