Best way to get accurate geo-location?

  • 10 October 2023
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I have a client that is very dependent on good geo-location on a city by city basis. What would be the most helpful thing to add to our signup forms to get an accurate geo that works with the “proximity to a location” option when pulling a segment? Would asking for their zip code be the best bang for the buck?  


I know that anyone who has purchased had good geo from the billing location but looking for a solution for list members who haven’t purchased.


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Hey @NDA 

Thanks for asking another great question! Happy to help clarify.

In order to segment by proximity to a location you would need to collect their zip codes on your signup form. Please remember that this functionality can only identify profiles in the US, EU, and Canada. For UK zip codes, we support filtering by outward code, not inward code or both outward and inward code (usually separated by a space). For example, if a person's full zip code is "SW1W 0NY," only the first piece ("SW1W") will work for these filters.

Hope this helps!