Best way to use flows for pre-launch?

  • 24 January 2024
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Hello Klaviyo Community!

I am planning to start a new product and I’d like to get some pre-launch traffic and do a giveaway.

Here’s what I had planned:

Social Media Traffic > My Site > Sign up form > 7 step email flow with a few giveaway reminders, pre launch email and launch email.

But what I hadn’t considered (its my first time using Klaviyo) is that I won’t be able to set particular days for some of the emails. So that makes planning impossible since everybody will join the list at a different time and I can’t set the dates for the giveaway, its end or the launch itsself.

So now I am not sure how to set that up?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


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Hi @cantmail1 - below is a potential solution for your scenario…

Instead of sending all 7 emails in an automated flow, you could create campaigns for some of the emails. This way, you can schedule them to be sent at a specific date/time. Create a segment for profiles who join your list via the pre-launch signup form, and then send those time-sensitive campaigns to that segment at the date/time that you wish. 

I hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes!