Black Friday Sale Emails

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi - I am scheduling our sale emails that will go out over the weekend. I would like to exclude those people who will of purchased during the sale…. For example if they purchase Friday, they won’t get Saturday’s email etc…

Is this exclusion list something I can pre schedule or will I need to do it just before I send the emails so I don’t include those people who have purchased during the sale?


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3 replies

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You can create segment of people who placed order after certain date.. so the segment would be.. what someone has done or not done - placed order - at least once - after - and add the date you want 

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Oh thanks Bobi! 

If I set it to the date we start the sale, then that means I would only need this one list for our multiple emails over the weekend?


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Hey @Bobi N.,

Really appreciate you jumping in and providing that spot on answer and segment rule!

@NNM_Aus, that understanding is correct! Because segments are dynamically updated automatically, if you had created the segment that Bobi had mentioned of “What someone has done or not done, Placed Order at least once after X date”, this segment would capture all contacts who purchased and triggered the Placed Order event after this specified date.

In turn, this would allow you to use this specific segment as your exclusion group in all your outgoing campaigns to exclude users who have made a purchase past a specific date.