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  • 28 November 2020
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First post :D

I have looked around in the help docs but couldn’t find any details on this… Is it possible to add a blacklist of domains we don’t want to accept subscribers from? I think it would be a very cool feature to avoid spam traps, scrappers (like Milled) and others.

Thanks in advance!


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7 replies

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@Platanomelóm welcome to Klaviyo Community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback & ideas! Klaviyo doesn’t currently have the ability to block people from subscribing to your account based on domain, but we do have other tools that help maintain list health.

Klaviyo’s double opt-in process requires users to confirm their email before being added to your list and after they intitally fillout your signup form. Enabling this feature is a great way to ensure spam traps from entering your newsletter list.

Additionally, Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities can collect email addresses you don’t wish to include in your regular sends. Simply use the condition “Properties about someone” > Email> contains> the particular email domain you wish to exclude. Here is an example of that segment definition

You can collect multiple domains by using an “OR” connector. 

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Thanks Melissa! I ended up creating a segment for those e-mails and then acivtating a notification flow to alert me each time someone joins that segment, so I can go manually and clean it :)

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@Platanomelóm love the idea of setting up the alerts for when these domains subscriber to your list! It's a great way to both clean out the list and keep an eye on how frequently these emails come into the account.

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Agree with @Melissa.Matusky that creating a segment and using the notification flow for alerts is a great way to go about it! Thanks for sharing this tip with the Community @Platanomelóm

I’d much rather have a blacklist domain option so it is fool proof. Surprised there is not an account setting level available. I’d think a lot of people would adopt this instead of always having to exclude a segment that includes them, or remember to exclude them from each segment. Then if you ever need to edit the blacklisted domains, you have to do it in every segment which sounds like zero fun. Features=Flexibility=Speed=Cost/Time Savings=Better Software=Happier Clients...

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@stouchette - Generally agree with your sentiments. But for what it’s worth, as a general workaround, I recommend my clients to build a master “Exclude Segment” with all the possible “global” exclusion reasons (outside of Suppression) and then include that Segment in all Campaigns/Flows to exclude.

Then we build a Flow, triggered by that Segment that uses the “Update Profile Property Action”  to set a custom profile property like is-exclude = true (or some string of text like “bot” or “amazon”).  

In all Campaigns we can use the first Segment to exclude from Campaigns.  (Yes, it’s an extra step). 

In all Flows, we use the is-exclude is not set as a Flow Filter so they don’t get any Flow messages.  

In this way, we don’t have to replicate that rule to every other Segment to ensure those profiles don’t receive messages.  We also use that Segment to occasionally suppress them manually (export into Profile → Suppressed Profiles,  Upload File Button), or delete them entirely in Profile Maintenance (Account → Settings → Profile Maintenance). 

When we find a new domain (or a new rule) to exclude, we just append to that Segment as an additional OR rule. 

Definitely a bit of up front effort here, no doubt, but it’s a one-time process and thatSegment is like our “Global Blacklist” so we don’t have to update it in more than one place. 

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Hello @stouchette,

Appreciate the feedback you’ve shared surrounding the ability to blacklist based on a domain. I’ll be sure to share this insight with our Product Team. 

Also, thank you @retention for sharing such a detailed strategy and use case examples as a workaround highlighting the creation of an “Exclude Segment” to be used in all your campaigns and flows! Sounds like a great scalable solution by simply adding more OR conditions to the segment to include new domains you’ve highlighted after initially building the segment out!