Building your Cyber Weekend audiences recap: [APAC customers]

  • 20 October 2022
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Let’s keep the conversation going from the [Interactive workshop] Build your Cyber Weekend audiences for our APAC customers! This is a collaborative space to post any related questions or comments about your Cyber Weekend segments.

You can also view the session replay below 👇:


During this session, we:

  • built 4 essential segments to include in your Cyber Weekend sending strategy

  • discussed how to apply any of your segmenting personas to SMS

Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. Strategically send marketing communication to your 30-day engaged customers, VIPs, bargain hunters, and window shopping audiences around Cyber Weekend.

  2. Add the “Consent to receive SMS” condition to segments to identify your SMS personas.

Additional resources:

Comment below any questions or let us know if you’ve had success sending to other audiences not covered in today’s training.


***Still have questions? Attend one of the upcoming live Q&A sessions hosted by the Growth Success team!

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