Bulk adding a new custom property prior to merging lists

  • 9 April 2022
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So I created a bunch of lists, and have come to the conclusion that merging them would be a good idea. I’d like to make sure I have my process figured out correctly.

  1. First I will need to change the list ID referenced in our back in stock code snippet.
  2. I create a segment that pulls in every non-suppressed subscriber.
  3. Then, I export this segment and open it up in google sheets.
  4. To prevent a few list-triggered flows from sending to these contacts I will add a new profile property - something like “Merged List”/”True” then add a filter to the relevant flows excluding profiles with that property.
  5. Then, and I really want to confirm this part - I can re-upload a .csv… but from what I can tell from the Klaviyo docs, I don’t have to include everything associated with the profiles. If I just upload the email, and relevant new property, klaviyo will add the new property to the existing profiles and I can then proceed to convert the segment to a list. There is no risk of overwriting the existing profile data?

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3 replies

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Hi @wernstrom,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

On your first point, I assume you have already created the new list you wish to add these users to? If so, then updating the back in stock code list to this new list ID is the correct course of action. You should also consider updating the “List to submit” for any existing Klaviyo sign-up forms to the new list if you want to funnel new users into this list. You can find instructions on achieving that in the community thread below:

Moving on to your second point. when you decide to combine lists, we recommend using one of the strategies outlined here That is, using a set of “OR” separators to separate each discrete list and then converting that segment into a list. Or, exporting your lists into discrete .csv files, and re-importing them into a single list. What you’re suggesting is slightly different. That would involve combining all active contacts into a single list. In addition to users in your lists, all active contacts will include users who were added by general engagement (i.e. through an ecommerce or other integration). These profiles are eligible for campaign and flow emails, but we recommend exercising caution when contacting them. Generally, we recommend only sending emails to these users in response to an action they’ve already taken, i.e. an abandoned cart flow message or follow-up information from a recent order they’ve placed. So my recommendation is to “tighten up” the audience according to one of the list combination strategies here (same link as above) and continue with your plan. 

Your 3rd, 4th and 5th points are all correct. To address your question directly on the 5th point, yes, since the user profile already exists in Klaviyo, uploading their email and adding a brand new property will just add the net-new property to the existing profile, all other data on the profiles will remain the same. 

I hope that is helpful. Thanks for being a member of our community.

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I have a similar question.

We’re wanting 1 master list, and to segment by different verticals that use our products.

For example, we sell a STEM product and have different kits depending on whether you’re a grandparent buying it as a gift for a grandchild, or a teacher purchasing a kit suited to their kindergarten.

So we want segments such as “gift buyers,” “kindergarten teachers,” “primary school teachers,” etc.

I’m lost as to where to start, have tried to look into tags, segments, properties...

So far I think it’s best to create custom properties?

But I can’t see how to bulk add properties to existing profiles.

Do I need to export our list, add the new column/property, then re-upload? I’m so worried it will override the existing profile of each email address!!!

And do I understand right that once we’ve uploaded these properties to our current list, only then can we add those properties as multi-choice options in our sign-up forms ---- that trying to offer these options  in our form before having at least 1 profile already using that property will mean the form won’t collect that data????

Help 😅

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Hey @worcestershiresauce,

Looks like the Community post you created on a similar post has a great discussion going. I just wanted to link it here so other members who come across a similar topic will be able to find it too.