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  • 18 July 2023
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Hi Klaviyo Community,


I hope you’re all having a great start to your week. I need a bit of help. 


I have a one-product Shopify store. I recently ran a pre-order. I’d like to now run a sales campaign, notifying the rest of my list (excluding everyone who bought on the pre-order). 

I created the segment, here’s the segment logic: 


  1. What someone has/has not done. 
  2. Placed order zero times. 
  3. Over all time 
  4. Where items 
  5. Contains Presale 



  1. Properties about someone 
  2. Accepts marketing
  3. Is true 
  4. Type: Boolean 


It seems to erroneously still include users who bought the Presale from 6/24 to today 7/17. Tried playing around with it and Defining by Product ID, and it still didn’t work.


Also tried testing just to see what defining by normal product would do... and that resulted in incorrect results also. Not sure what the solution is here. 


Is the issue on Klaviyo or on my Shopify store?


Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. 


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Hello @smileyrox,

I think you’re on the right track so far! 

I know you mentioned you have a one-product shop, but did you happen to re-introduce the presale item as an official (non-presale) product to your catalog? 

One hypothesis I have as to why these users who bought the presale from 6/24 to 7/17 might still be included in this segment is that they may have made a purchase after the presale date for the official (non-presale) product. Based on the segment, although they technically bought the same product, they didn’t purchase the presale version of the product and would be included in this segment. 

If you also only ran the presale for a certain amount of time, you can potentially just use a date filter. For example, “what someone has done, placed order zero times between dates X-date and Y-date. 

Alternatively, you could identify these users who purchased the presale product through your ecommerce backend and import a list of them to Klaviyo. From this list, you can use them as an exclusion to your campaigns or other segments. 

I hope this helps!