Can a contact be "active" but also suppressed?

  • 16 June 2021
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hi - Can a contact be on the active profile as well as suppressed list? Thanks


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Hi @Dermacare,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

The short answer is no, a user cannot be both active and a part of the suppression list. 

If you bulk-suppress a profile, that is a global suppression and the user(s) being suppressed will only show up on the suppressed list, likewise if a user were to unsubscribe they would also show up on the suppression list.

There will be no overlap with active profiles who have not unsubscribed or been suppressed or added to the suppression list for another reason. For more information on suppression reasons, I recommend reading our article: About Suppressed Profiles in Klaviyo.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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they cannot be emailed but activity is still recorded. 

So not active for email

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Hi @DarleenW,

Exactly, if a user is suppressed, we will still track their activity (you will see their profile updating with order events, etc.) but you will not be able to email them. The benefit to continuing to update a suppressed profiles with their activity is…

  1. If the user resubscribes, you will have their ordering activity - good for segmentation.
  2. If you use our Facebook integration, you can still create segments of suppressed users and target them on Facebook.
  3. If you send transactional emails then suppressed users will be eligible to receive those emails - great for customers that love your products but aren’t necessarily interested in getting marketing emails from you.
  4. Finally, you are not charged for suppressed profiles. 

Have a great weekend!


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Hi, I want to follow up on this question since I’m also concerned this same issue.

Sometimes, an email will not be as straightforward as we would expect.


If a customer unsubscribes from my email list and becomes suppressed profile. Then 3 months later, they come back placing an order on the website, but also want to receive my emails again for promotions & deals (I call this delayed value). How would things become?


Would a suppressed profile be moved automatically back into an engaged list? Or would it need to be done manually by the admin? Is there any changes to this particular profile?


If Klaviyo team has covered this on an article, I’d glad to read.


Thank you.

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Hey @tino,

This is a great question! Contacts who have been suppressed due to unsubscribing can certainly automatically become an active profile again! 

For contacts who have previously been suppressed due to unsubscribing and decide to opt back in and become and active profile again, they would need to resubscribe through a Klaviyo form or a third party form utilizing Klaviyo’s List V2 endpoint. Resubscribing through a Klaviyo form or a third party form hitting this specific API endpoint would automatically cause the contact to become an active profile and removed from the suppression list. 

This is further described in more details in the When Someone Unsubscribes and Re-Subscribes subsection of the Guide to Unsubscribes in Klaviyo Help Center article. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!