Can I Automatically Remove Someone from a List and Add Them to a Flow?

  • 26 November 2020
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Hi all,

Would it be possible to remove someone from a list automatically? I mean through a flow or 3th party integration?
I have the following use case:

I have build a yogaselector in ManyChat that puts someone on a list in Klaviyo (and updates custom properties). Klaviyo kicks off a flow that sends the results of the selector in an Email.
If someone fills out the yogaselector in ManyChat again the custom fields might be updated and the Email with the updates scores would be sent.
I thought that maybe removing someone from the list just after the first mail is sent and put them back on the list would be the way to go. But I don't see any possiblities to automatically remove someone. Not with a flow, not directly with the ManyChat integration nor via Zapier.

Do you think it's (im)possible and/or would there be another way to accomplish what I'd like?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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Hi Tim, 

Do I understand this correctly: 

You want someone automatically removed from a list (and therefor a flow?) when they fill out the form for a second time and a specific profile property is updated? 

The way you could accomplish this is by using the “Flow Filter” option: 

This is the best way to automatically remove someone from a flow. If it specifically the LIST you want someone removed from, we can’t automatically remove people from LISTS, but you could use SEGMENTs by saying something like “Is in X list and has Y profile property” then people would be automatically added (or removed) if they meet/don’t meet that criteria. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi Taylor,

Thanks for the answer.
I think you mean that Klaviyo CAN'T remove people from LISTS, right? If it CAN remove someone from a list I'd like to know how.

Meanwhile I went for your segment option and that worked for me!

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I couldn’t find how to do it neither… I think it’s not possible yet :(

(Would be cool to have)

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The setup with segments is no solution for us because it will only be kicked off once per unique email address. But we need to restart the flow once someone fills out the yogaselector a second time.

Any other suggestions how to configure this?

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Update 2:
I managed to configure it via Zapier. Had Zapier create a custom metric in Klaviyo that kicks off a metric based flow that sends an update each time it's logged.

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Hi @Tim

Thanks so much for sharing your fix/update with the Community by using a Zapier integration - apologies that the segment option didn’t work for you but glad you were able to find a workaround with Zapier. You’re right that in the above comment from @Taylor Clark that he meant to say “can’t” automatically remove people from lists. Thanks for calling that out - its been edited now for accuracy in the future.

And @Platanomelóm, thanks for the feedback on this kind of feature - I’ll pass this along to the team for evaluation! 


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Update 2:
I managed to configure it via Zapier. Had Zapier create a custom metric in Klaviyo that kicks off a metric based flow that sends an update each time it's logged.

Hi Tim,


I’d love to see the Zap that you created as I’m having the exact same issue! Would you be happy to share the setup with me (removing sensitive data of course)?


Many thanks,

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Having the ability to remove people from lists in a flow upon exit would be very useful, e.g. newsletter list.


This is so annoying. It’s crazy how you like to make things so complicated when in fact it is a thousand times more simple to do that “when someone submits a form, trigger that flow”. Wow, mind blowing guys. Annoyed with your over complicated rules. Every other tool / soft are better than you here. 


and btw the segment solution does not work, it takes hours to update any contacts in it … 

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Hello @TOSSIT,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and I want to express my apologies for the negative experience you’re having. 

One misunderstanding I want to clear up in this thread is that users are only eligible to enter a list or segment triggered flow once. This includes if they were removed and re-added to the list/segment. 

What you’re suggesting of triggering a flow every time someone fills out a form is possible. Although it’s not natively supported through Klaviyo, you can accomplish this by creating a custom event that “listens” for when a form is filled out and is recorded. This method is similar to what @Tim suggested in the thread. With the custom event, you can then create a metric triggered flow off of it instead of creating a list/segment triggered flow if you didn’t want to. You can also run both types of flows in tandem. 

Metric triggered flows, unlike list or segment triggered flows would allow profiles to enter as many times as the event is triggered. This setup is also similar to how the Klaviyo and Typeform integration operate. After someone fills out a Typeform form, a Filled out Form event is recorded and synced to Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps to clarify some things.