Can I build filters or segments based on timing between variables?

  • 18 May 2023
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The current conversion Attribution model in Klaviyo is a bit broader than my companies “Last click contribution model”.

So, I am looking at building a filter/custom report/segment to show only people who clicked on an email and placed an order within the next 3 days.

the current filters of “clicked and email and made a purchase don’t seem to link to each other in a way I can edit - so people may be clicking on an email after their purchase, or making a purchase weeks after their last email engagement. 

I’d also like to see an average time between people receiving the email to when they open it, to how long before they click on it (do they click on their first view, or do they come back multiple times and re-engage with the same email day later)

So, long story short, are we able to use ne variable as the criteria in the time range for another variable in a filter, list or segment?




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Hi @dgibbs


Thanks for this great question, happy to help! 


You can definitely change the attribution window in your account following our help center documentation. 


I will need to connect with my fellow experts on how and if you can identify the average time from when your users receive and open an email and circle back with my findings! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Thanks - I did change the attribution definition but it does not updated retroactively - so from now on any new attributions will be based on clicks, but is there a way to report on the past conversions?

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Hello @dgibbs,

Glad you were able to update your attribution definition! Unfortunately, because changes are not retroactive, reports would only be updated going forward. There wouldn’t be a way to update past conversions to this attribution. 

I’ll share this feedback with our product team to explore further though!