Can I segment profiles by size or color variants?

  • 12 February 2021
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Curious if anyone has segmented profiles by color or size variants of products purchased? For example, we have a baby clothing brand. We want to track who purchases clothing in size 3 - 6 months so we can remarket 6 - 12 month clothing to them in another 3 months. I know I can segment by products, but can I segment profiles down by variants, like color and size?


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4 replies

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Hey @Toccara !

Which integration are you using? 

For most integrations, you can use the “Ordered Product” metric to filter by variant-level data. Using the “Placed Order” metric will allow you to segment by product name, but “Ordered Product” allows you to get more granular, down to the SKU level.

Reply back if you have any questions!

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Thank you @ksanfelipe ! This is helpful. I am working with a Shopify integration. I am going to try your suggestion and see if it works. Much appreciated!

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Hi @ksanfelipe , how can I get the size information exactly? I also use a shopify integration. I wanted to create a segment of ordered product and pair it with each individual size offered on the ecommerce store. 


Thank you!

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Hey @jordank !

Great question. When segmenting by ordered product, you can apply a filter to look for specific sizes or products. The segment would look like this:


(Note that your filter options may appear differently based on your store setup. “Variation Option: Size” could have a different label). 

You can additionally add in a product name, so the segment would look like:

Ordered product at least once over all time where size = X


Ordered product at least once over all time where Name = Y


Note that we do not support multi-dimensional filtering at this time, so in the segment definition above, it is not certain that the Ordered Product event for the specified product name is the same ordered product event for the size specified. It sounds like you might prefer to do something like “Ordered product where size = X and Name = Y” (ie, you are applying two filters to the same Ordered Product event), but this is unfortunately not possible at this time.

If SKU, Product ID, or any other filterable options on your Ordered Product event are representative of both the size and the product name, then using that attribute as a filter would allow you to work around this limitation.


Hopefully that makes sense but feel free to reply back if you have any questions. You can also open a ticket with our support team for guidance specific to your account!