Can't turn off double opt in

  • 24 January 2024
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Hello there, my title says it all.

I am going to List&Segments, choose my list, go to settings, then consent and Single opt-in is selected.

But then when I enter an email in the form I get an email asking me to confirm and also the first email of my flow.

How can I make it stop sending out this double opt-in email?



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7 replies

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Hey @cantmail1 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community. Happy you found us to help with your list opt-in settings.

Do you have multiple list in your account? If so, have you verified that the signup form is pointing to the correct list that you changed to single opt-in? If you have done all of this, can you share a screenshot of the signup form settings showing the list name and a screenshot of the consent settings for the specific list? This will help me dive in deeper to figure out why this is unexpected behavior.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response!


Hello Stephen and thank you for taking time to help me with this issue.

I confirmed that this is the list used in the sign up form.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hey there @cantmail1! I’m stepping in for Stephen here.


Is your signup form associated with any 3rd party integrations such as Shopify? It looks like you’ve set everything up correctly within Klaviyo so I suspect there might be an issue elsewhere. 


Hi Kaila, correct, I am using Shopify but still the email is sent by Klaviyo. 

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Hmm. Well in that case there’s definitely something funky going on. I’ve opened a ticket with Support on your behalf to take a closer look. Expect an email from them soon! 


 Hi again, this still hasn’t been solved after I tried out the last suggestion provided by the support team. I replied to the ticket but didn’t get an answer.


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Hey @cantmail1, I sent them a gentle reminder. They’re the best equipped to help you at this point so I suggest future follow-ups directly with them! :)