Can the number of items shown on the Lists & Segments page be changed?

  • 17 April 2023
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Wondering if there’s some way to change the default number of items shown on the Lists & Segments page? 

Currently it’s stuck at 10.

I have a lot of segments (and presently also a lot of lists while I’m tidying up the account I’m working on).

I’m *constantly* having to click “Next” or “Page X”.

There’s no indication of how many pages there are. And no links to jump to a specific page. It’s not the best UX I’m having here!

I’m aware of the search, but that’s not always practical (e.g., I can’t always remember the segment names!). 

Having a full picture of the lists and/or segments in the account makes cut & paste and screenshots easier to do, which is helpful for my records and sometimes for reporting.

And this is somewhat frustrating when I have a monitor in profile orientation, and could easily see all items on the screen at once, but only 10 items can be shown at a time.

I’ve looked through the help, and searched here, but can’t find anything about whether it’s possible to change the numbers of lists and segments shown per page.

Is there something hiding in Klaviyo’s settings that I’ve not spotted?

And if this isn’t presently possible… can I request it for a future release?

I’d love a per-user setting for this. Or at least something like the profiles section: 



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Hi @Chris Milham

I think there is a tip I can suggest and that is to star some of the often used/important segments and filter on those.

Another tip is to take some time and archive those not used segments. Especially if multiple people are working or have worked in an account and nothing was done for naming convention or hygiene this can pile up rather quickly. A spring sweep through can do magic.

If the above doesn't work, we'll have to wait on Klaviyo to improve this.


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