Confirmation email is not sent after signing to a list

  • 21 September 2023
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I am using Klaviyo integration in Channelize via the API key. 

There is a form for people to add their email and join the list. With single opt-in everything works fine.

But with double opt-in, users never receive the confirmation email and therefore are not added to the list. (And I have checked spams etc)

Any hint of what to do to solve this?

Thank you



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 25 September 2023, 17:21

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Hey @Elisabeth as another API integration partner with Klaviyo, I think there’s an option from Channelize when they built the integration to bypass the double opt-in when people are joining through that integration. I’m not 100% positive, but that may be what’s going on.


Thank you Brett for your feedback. However I don’t want to bypass the double opt-in. I would like to make it work because this is mandatory for Europe.

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Hi @Elisabeth


Thanks for chiming in here with your insight @Brett_Gatsby, very appreciated! @Elisabeth I would reach out to Channelize support to investigate how Channelize interacts with subscription/ opt-in data.


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@Elisabeth Did you find a solution?

I think the Jotform integration does the same thing. Registrations via JotForm are not triggering sending out the confirmation email for double opt-in.

I had to switch to single opt-in at the list level for new subscribes to be successful, but I would prefer double opt-in with a confirmation email sent out.