Confused about importing list from Mailchimp and merging to Newletter

  • 21 January 2021
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We used Klaviyo about 3 years ago and then moved to MailChimp. The bulk of our contacts were acquired via MailChimp. Now we have switched back to Klaviyo and my husband tried to import the MailChimp list. It seems there was a list list previously in Klaviyo with my store’s name attached and when my husband imported the MailChimp list he for some unknown reason created 2 segments (“Not in MailChimp and Merged Klaviyo and MailChimp) and 1 list “Not suppressed and accepts marketing”. I am so confused as to why he did this! He can’t explain or fix it and when he tried to move the contact to “Newsletter” he received a Klaviyo error that states the contact are unmapped. Can someone please help me fix this? When he tried years ago to import Klaviyo to MailChimp he did something similar and I ended up not emailing a portion of my list because the list was never imported correctly. I didn’t find the error until 2 years later. Please keep in mind that my husband can’t seem to understand that a segment is created from a list and that we need one master list that variables are then extracted from to create a segment. He uses the terms interchangeably and I assume that is where all this confusion came from. I just need one list that all my contacts are on. Right now new people are being added to the newsletter (which is how I set it up) but none of the other contacts are on the newsletter. 


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Hi Marquita, welcome back to Klaviyo!! 


From what it sounds like, you are looking to merge lists in Klaviyo -- this is possible and you have two options going forward. These options are:

  1. You can export one of your desired lists and then re-add it directly into your active newsletter list
  2. You can create a segment that includes all of your subscribers (from all existing lists) and then convert that segment into one main newsletter list. We have a guide that walks you through this process here. In this guide, you’ll find instructions on how to build that segment and convert it into your new, main newsletter list that you will use going forward. In which case, you will then want to make this the main list that future contacts sync to if you are collect contacts in forms, at checkout, etc.

If you choose to do option 1 instead (to download the extra list and re-upload your CSV of data to your existing newsletter list), or if you ever run into a similar problem when uploading a list and are looking for more guidance, I would recommend heading to our guide on Uploading Contacts to an Existing List. That may help walk you or your husband through this process in the future if ever needed.

If, when uploading, it says that certain fields are not mapped correctly, this refers to the step when you review and map columns from your CSV to Klaviyo fields (for example, you will need to map your email column of the CSV to the specific Klaviyo Email property, and so on). We have a trouble-shooting guide that goes through potential hurdles you may be experiencing, which you can access here.


I hope that helps, and thank you for writing into the Community!


All the best,