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  • 9 April 2021
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I currently manage a client account of ~3K subscribers. There are 1K unengaged subscribers the client wanted me to delete, not suppress. I went ahead and first suppressed the contacts, and then deleted them.

However when I log back into the account, the number of active profiles is still the same.

Am I misunderstanding what exactly the active profiles are?

Essentially, the client wants to reduce the active emailable profiles in the billing section since 1/3 of his list is unengaged.

However when I log into the billing section, it still shows the same number of billable profiles. Am I doing something wrong?


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Hey @thebluesurge! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with this. The number of active profiles should have dropped immediately after you suppressed them. Then, when you deleted those suppressed profiles, the number of suppressed profiles should have dropped (but active profiles should have stayed the same). You can see those two numbers in the top right corner of this page: 

If that didn’t happen, one possibility is that the unengaged profiles were already suppressed. Suppressing them a second time, then deleting them, would not change the number of active profiles. 

Another possibility is that the counts were delayed a bit -- if that’s the case, they should have been updated by now! 

Also, I want to note that the billing plan wouldn’t drop immediately if you suppressed profiles, as all upgrades and downgrades in Klaviyo are manual. However, if you reduce the number of active profiles, you should be able to select a lower plan in the billing tab. 

I hope this helps! But if you still have questions, please do follow up here so we can take another look.