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  • 19 February 2022
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I just imported all of my contacts from Big Commerce.  I see the profiles that were created but how do I get Klaviyo to add them to lists or segments so I can email them.  When I check their profiles I don’t see the little green mark that indicates their consent status as being ok.  But I see that they have been receiving emails thru Big C because they all opted in at some point


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Hello @curtis,

Good question! 

When you say you’ve imported all of your contacts from BigCommerce, did you happen to do it via a manual import or were these contacts synced automatically as part of the integration with Klaviyo? 

Similar to many of the major ecommerce integrations, when connecting BigCommerce to Klaviyo, contacts that are automatically synced would not be added to any lists in Klaviyo. Instead, these contacts will be synced to Klaviyo and considered as Active Profile. For this reason you’ll want to manually import and add your contacts to your desired Klaviyo lists. If you haven’t already had a chance, I would suggest taking a look at our How to Migrate Existing Subscribers (and Unsubscribes) into Klaviyo Help Center article as it does offer guidance on how to properly migrate subscribers to Klaviyo. 

Along the same lines of the same point above, Klaviyo is not shared consent details from contacts being synced through an integration. Due to this, those profiles that are automatically synced would not have a green check box indicating clear consent from the contact/profile. In order to see a green consent market on a profile, you’ll want to include a consent property when importing users to a Klaviyo list. To get more of an understanding on this, I recommend reviewing our How to Upload and Segment with Consent Help center article.

I’ve included some additional resources below that I think may be helpful to understand contacts and profiles being synced to Klaviyo and their consent statuses:


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